We are scientists working in gravitational wave detector research. We make use of computer simulations and related tools for designing, analysing and optimising laser interferometers. Most of these tools were specifically developed by the gravitational wave community, but they can useful in other areas that use laser optics.

The logbooks on this site are for sharing your modelling work. Logbook posts can contain very different content, such a record of work in progress, examples for the syntax of a specific software, or tips and tricks for specific modelling tasks. Currently we host two general logbooks:

We also offer to host dedicated logbooks for special events, such as summer schools or training workshops. You can find some posts from previous event below:

* Finesse workshop at IUCAA Pune 2019

Logbooks are a common tool for recording progress in collaborative research projects, in particular for large hardware projects such as gravitational wave detectors. Logbooks record and preserve who did what when and thus over time create a searchable archive of expert knowledge. We adopted the same format here with the aim of generating a long term archive of interferometer models and simulations.

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