Selecting Higher-Order Mode indices to model

Note: This post is based on the relevant Finesse 3 documentation page: Models in Finesse are, by default, created as plane-wave representations of the underlying configuration. This can be switched to a modal basis by specifying the mode indices that should be modelled by the system. There are a few key ways in which […]

Parameter References & Equations

Finesse 3 has the ability to use both references to component parameters, and equations involving those parameters, as parameters themselves. This can lead to shorter, more intuitive files. To see what I mean, consider the following Finesse 2 example: Here a combination of set, func & put are used to make m2‘s transmissivity track that […]


Welcome to the Finesse3 logbook. On this page we share and discuss Finesse3 examples. Finesse3 is currently in a pre-alpha state and changes quickly. The examples here are used to guide the code development. The software is not recommended for any simulation work yet.