Balanced homodyne detection workaround

At the time of writing this entry, the way to do balanced homodyne detection is not yet fully implemented in Finesse3 as the example shows it here. The issue is the -3dB limitation of the squeezing level which comes from the fact that the beamsplitter is 50/50, so half of squeezing is lost before reaching […]

Changing the Schnupp Asymmetry in the finesse-virgo model

This is a simple snippet of code showing how to change the Schnupp asymmetry in the finesse3 virgo model. The process is quite straightforward and is based on simply changing the length of the space between the beamsplitter and one of the compensation plates. An important step to follow the Schnupp asymmetry change is to […]

Updates to finesse_virgo files as of June 8th

Thanks to discussion with Virgo-ISC team, there are a few updates that need to be implemented to better match the current control scheme for the interferometer. (note that the tolerances are chosen arbitrarily by me; they could probably be fine-tuned) The updated katscript file to parse for the readouts in order to create the Virgo […]