How to make a MICH scan outside virgo model?

We would like to make a MICH scan of the microscopic length for a generic interferometer. This was the Finesse 2 code func rev = (-1)*$x1 xaxis NI phi lin -10 10 500put NIAR phi $x1put WI phi $revput WIAR phi $rev noplot rev We tried with dof MICH NITM.phi -1 NETM.phi -1 WITM.phi +1 […]

Quick comparison between two working points in a FP-cavity (using analysis.action.Parallel)

In a perfectly aligned and matched Fabry-Perot cavity, one of the zero-crossings of an RF-demodulated error signal such as the PDH error signal corresponds to the cavity resonance peak. When imperfections are added, the two working points (peak resonance and zero-crossing of the error signal) can diverge. In this example we show how, a progressive […]