Quick comparison between two working points in a FP-cavity (using analysis.action.Parallel)

In a perfectly aligned and matched Fabry-Perot cavity, one of the zero-crossings of an RF-demodulated error signal such as the PDH error signal corresponds to the cavity resonance peak. When imperfections are added, the two working points (peak resonance and zero-crossing of the error signal) can diverge. In this example we show how, a progressive […]

Gouy phase in a recycling cavity with one focussing element

Investigating here whether the “simple” external solution with just one focussing element can work at all. Idea is that after BS, one would have a 45deg plane mirror to direct the beam some distance away to a focussing mirror, which produces a waist slightly before (or after) the PR/SR mirror, potentially with another folding mirror […]

CCD position

The position of CCD detectors seems to be only at nodes positions. It would be interesting to add an optional argument to move the camera a certain distance from the node to which it is attached to easily see the shape of the beam everywhere on the beam path.

DC offset function

The DC offset function (virgo.model.run(facV.DARM_RF_to_DC(dc_offset=0.001))) does not let to choose the direction of the offset which is applied (since it is applied on the power). It would be nice to have the possibility to choose the side of the offset applied