Why do we see non-zero common, PRC and SRC length signals at the Michelson’s output port?

Question The “Degrees of freedom transfer functions” task in notebook 14 involves applying signals to the cavity mirrors or the power recycling or signal recycling mirror to modulate the differential arm, common arm, power recycling and signal recycling cavity lengths, respectively. We look at a photodetector at the output port of the interferometer, which is […]

Generating node graphs from Finesse scripts

There is a somewhat “hidden” feature in Pykat which is capable of showing you an approximate visualisation of your model. It may not be available on all systems, e.g. Windows. This feature is available in two ways: Via notebook In a Jupyter notebook, you can view your interferometer using the following code: In the example […]


Welcome to the IUCAA Finesse workshop 2019 logbook. This site is a place for us all to share our examples, information about how to use Finesse and solve common problems, links to additional material, and to ask questions. Please don’t be afraid of using this site for any of these purposes! We will retroactively moderate […]