Generating node graphs from Finesse scripts

There is a somewhat “hidden” feature in Pykat which is capable of showing you an approximate visualisation of your model. It may not be available on all systems, e.g. Windows. This feature is available in two ways: Via notebook In a Jupyter notebook, you can view your interferometer using the following code: In the example […]

Power loss at circular aperture

Simple example on how to compute the power loss at a circular aperture. Slightly off topic, but can use dummy variables to tune the ration between the mirror and beam radius: Note that the second parameter in the xaxis command (‘relsize’) is just a random string when you use xaxis with a dummy variable. Parameter […]


Welcome to the new Ifosim website. This site will be a central place for interferometer simulation scripts using Finesse and other tools, with a focus on gravitational wave interferometry.